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Volunteer with III Points

III Points

February 15th - 17th, 2019
Welcome to the III Points Volunteer Program!

Each volunteer will have the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in the music industry, as well as help put on Miami’s III Points! Volunteer positions are limited in work hours, and are offered free admission to the festival through completing their assigned work shifts.

Work Requirement - 18 hours

Every volunteer will be required to work three six-hour shifts throughout the duration of the festival. Based upon the festival’s needs, we will create each volunteer’s schedule. Volunteers will be clocked in and out at the designated meet-up spot throughout the duration of the event. If the volunteer completes his/her work obligation then they will be refunded their $100 deposit. If the volunteer walks out on a shift, is terminated from a department or does not show up for a shift then they will forfeit their deposit of $100 deposit (and are subject to having their wristband deactivated).

You will be emailed about one week before the festival confirming your shifts.

$15 Discount Ticket Requirement - $100 deposit +$15 non-refundable admin fee

Volunteers wishing to attend III Points must purchase a deposit ticket that will be refunded once all assigned shifts are completed. Following the event, volunteers that complete assigned shifts in good standing will receive a refund of $100. Note only tickets purchased on VolunteerLocal are refundable.

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By clicking below and continuing with my application, I am agreeing that I have read and understand, and agree to the following binding terms:

- I am applying to work at III Points, held February 15-17th, 2019 in exchange for a ticket to the festival.

- I am at least 18 years of age.

- I understand that all communication including important information such as sign in locations, etc, will be emailed to the email address in my Volunteerlocal profile. It is my responsibility to check my emails and respond in a timely manner when necessary.

- I understand that I am applying to work during the event.

- I understand that this application is non-transferrable. No name changes may be made, and I may not transfer my work position to another person.

Work Hour Commitment

- By completing the application I am stating that I am available to work an average of 18 hours over the course of III Points I understand I must be available to work all days of the event.

- I understand that I should plan to check in 15 minutes prior to each assigned shift.

- I understand that I must make arrangements for transport to and from the festival site for each of my shifts.

- I will be emailed instructions on checking in for shifts about 1 week prior to my first shift.

- I understand that I must re-confirm my planned attendance by responding to the confirmation email III Points will send to me about 1 week out from the event, emailed to the email address listed in my profile. If I fail to respond within a 36 hour period, it will be assumed that I have decided not to work the event, and my shifts will be removed within my Volunteerlocal account.

Event Rules

- I understand that I should plan to arrive 5-15 minutes prior to my shift for roll call and to find out what department I am working.

- I understand that I may not receive my work schedule and assignments until I arrive and check in.

- I understand that I must clock in and out of each of my shifts within Volunteerlocal, with a department supervisor or at the Volunteer Check-In.

- I understand that there are additional rules and regulations that I must follow in order to complete my work obligation satisfactorily. All of these rules and regulations will be sent to the email address in my profile, or given verbally prior to work shifts. It is my responsibility to stay updated with current rules and regulations. General Code of Conduct must be followed.

- I understand that in the event of an issue or emergency while on shift, I may flag down any staff member with a radio to call Medical, Security, or Volunteer Management. All clock outs must originate from shift supervisors. I should plan to remain at my post until the supervisor is located.

General Liability & Waiver

- I agree to indemnify and hold harmless III Points employees, and affiliated partners from any and all losses, claims, actions, damages, and expenses.

- I agree to allow my photograph to be taken during my work shifts for promotional purposes by III Points.